• Penguin Platform
    Penguin Platform

    In order to make savings, you need to read the meter every day.

    On-line energy accounting for your buildings.

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  • RVC Mobile
    RVC Mobile

    RVC Mobile is a software suite that enables you to manage playgrounds, woodland heritage, urban propertyroad equipment and pylon networks.

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  • IT Development
    IT Development

    Innovative solutions, customized, using advanced technologies to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the performance of your organization.

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The company

Software engineering

RVC is a company specialising in the development of specially tailored software.


Your own IT department

Our company can provide you with a single structure with all the expertise of an IT department.


Efficient tools

Our applications are created using object-oriented programming and one of the most advanced tools available on the market.

Latest news

The press coverage


RVC, expert in Mobile Technology and Energy Management

Belgian Research   12/2015  
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Powerges video


Automatic exchange of data between your main system management and your technicians in the field:

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