The Company

RVC was founded in 1981, with the aim of developing integrated accounting and financial management systems for the social housing sector

Its work has gradually extended to cover construction site administration and management of prospective tenants, across a web platform involving over thirty property companies.

The extremely difficult regulatory context, diversity and development of IT environments represent the major challenges embraced by RVC during its 35 years of supporting users.

Since 2010, RVC has taken advantage of the WINDEV development environment to integrate advances in the field of IT technologies. This has enabled the company to create information systems, which form part of our customers’ strategies for responsible growth and improve their organisation’s performance:

  • Mobile technologies
  • Dematerialisation, digitisation and archiving, authentication and certification technologies
  • Remote reading of water and energy meters in Radio, GSM /GPRS mode, which has enabled the introduction of daily histograms charting consumption at hourly intervals, energy accounting and building energy signatures

In October 2011, RVC integrated the activities of BMI Informatique and merged with DOCledge.

This enabled RVC to acquire new expertise and technologies, in order to enhance its range of services and develop in the field of ERP, technologies that enable us you obtain printed forms at the touch of a button and Electronic Document Management (EDM).